Here are some frequently asked questions about the EnchantedNFT’s Brand and Peeps Official Project.

Company & Team

Who created Covid Peeps?

Covid Peeps was created by Peeps Official, which is owned by Enchanted NFTS Pty Ltd

Is Peeps Official a registered company?

Yes, Peeps Official and Enchanted NFTs are all registered in Australia. Under the Enchanted NFTs PTY LTD company.

We want to be as transparent as possible with our community and have long term visions for Peeps Official. So please feel free to ask questions in our discord and on twitter.
Our ACN is: 658 960 546

Who are the team members?

Please refer to our meet the team page on our website for more information!

Covid Peeps NFT Collection

What’s the total supply of Covid Peeps?

5555 unique Peeps with 500 Legendary and 55 ultra-rare!

How much is the Covid Peeps Mint price?

$250 USD / ETH Equivalent

How can I get on the whitelist?

To secure your spot on the covid Peeps whitelist you will need to be an active figure in the community, this can be achieved through having a high number of invites to our discord and sharing our posts on other social platforms.

What’s the utility behind my Covid Peeps and what can I do with my Peep?

Your covid Peep will grant you access to our Peeps Gaming platform. Our first play to earn game will be Peeps gaming: Billiards. You can compete with other Peeps and earn real valuable assets i.e Crypto, NFTs etc…

How will funds be distributed?

Please visit our whitepaper, we have detailed where the funds will be distributed after the NFT sale.

Peeps Gaming & Play to earn

What is Peeps Gaming?

Peeps Gaming is the gaming platform behind our NFT collections, providing utility and play to earn features behind our NFT collections for our community to enjoy.

How do I gain access to Peeps Gaming tournaments and games?

You can participate in our tournaments and games by owning a Covid Peep. Some tournaments will be open to the public however you will need to purchase a pass package which will last you the entire tournament.

How will the prize system work?

All players who rank in the top 10 in most accumulated points for the particular tournament will be rewarded a share of the prize pool.

Further details will be available on the website and Whitepaper.

What if I run out of points to bet on the billiards table?

You can never go bankrupt in game as we ensure you to always have 250 Points which will grant you access to our lowest table.

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Thanks for checking out the Peeps Official project, If you have any enquiries i.e collaborations or work related questions feel free to Send us a mail.